No-nonsense in European inland shipping!

That is what Beaufort Logistics stands for. We know the world, the waterways and the ports. With a varied fleet of private barges – from very small to very large – we transport dry cargo throughout Europe.

We are always straightforward, but just a little bit different:

We think beyond

and make use of modern (digital) techniques.

We move your cargo from A to B

with less paperwork and more transparency.

We simplify logistics

it’s really about the core.

We occasionally spice things up

in the sometimes traditional world.

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Kolen en Ertsen

No water is too deep.

Beaufort Logistics was founded in 2017 by Stefan Visscher and Tjerk Hovestadt. With 15 years of experience as charterers, they had a clear ambition: Beaufort Logistics will become the Dutch freight brokerage office that transports dry cargo for European inland shipping. They have now earned their stripes and no water is too deep for Stefan, Tjerk and their team.





This is why you choose Beaufort Logistics!

Always lightning fast service.

We are always at your disposal. Weekdays, evenings and weekends. When you call, we answer. Because we fully understand that it is essential for you to have a quick answer to your questions and that urgent deliveries are part of the business. Are you making a request? Then you will receive a quote the same day. Fast, clear communication is our top priority.

Contact with one person.

When you work with us, you have a designated contact person. Someone who is fully aware of your situation and wishes. Convenient and familiar. The short lines of communication ensure quick solutions.

Experts with experience.

Are you boarding with us? Then you will gain a ton of experience. Stefan was born on a ship and Tjerk sailed for years himself. The port holds no secrets for us. We know how to get where you need to go, what challenges you encounter as a skipper and how to tackle them.

“Sometimes in the wind of change
we find our true direction.”